Where’s My Password?

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Where’s My Password?

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As part of our enhanced security program, you are required to validate your identity by delivering a Secure Access Code to a telephone number stored within Southeastern Bank’s Online Banking system. You will then be given the opportunity to register the computer for future use.*

Enter your User ID and click Login. On the following pages you’ll be asked to enter your Password and validate your identity. To validate your identity and be given the opportunity to register your computer, you will need to receive and enter a Secure Access code.

  • Choose the delivery method for your Secure Access Code – you can choose to receive a phone call or text message – and click Continue.
  • You should receive your Secure Access Code within a minute.
  • Secure Access Codes are good for 30 minutes at a time and for one time use only.
  • Secure Access Codes should not be confused with a password.
  • If you do not recognize your phone numbers, please call Customer Service at 912-437-4141.

Finally, you can choose to register and activate your browser for later use or give one-time access on the computer you are using.

  • Activate this computer for later use. (Should be used on a personal computer you intend to use on a regular basis.)
  • Give me one-time access only, do not activate this computer. (Should be used when accessing a computer in a public location such as a library or a computer you don’t intend to use regularly.)


*From time to time, even though a computer has been previously registered, it may become necessary to register the computer again.