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Falcon Fraud Manager® & Brella™

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Southeastern  Bank understands how important debit card security is to our customers. That’s why our new debit card includes double the protection, along with other enhanced features. Read below to learn how Falcon Fraud Manager® helps monitor for fraudulent activity and how the Brella™ App boosts security by allowing you to manage your card on-the-go. Best of all, there’s no charge!



New! Debit Rewards Program.

Put your debit card to work for you with our new Debit Rewards Program sponsored by our debit card processor, SHAZAM. As cardholders, you are automatically entered for a chance to win prizes each time you use your debit card. Each quarter25 winners will be selected by random drawing with prizes awarded as follows:

  • One Southeastern Bank customer will win $50 each month. 
  • Additional winners, pulled from all SHAZAM users in the US include: Eight monthly winners who will receive $50 each and one winner per quarter who will receive $500. 

To learn more about this program, click here.

[Under SHAZAM rules, bank staff and directors as well as their immediate family members (spouse, parents, children, siblings and their respective spouses) regardless of where they live, as well as household members, are not eligible to win.]


FALCON FRAUD MANAGER®: Guarding Your Card Against Fraudulent Activity

We have partnered with SHAZAM, our debit card provider, to implement FICO® Falcon Fraud Manager® to help guard your debit card against fraudulent activity.  The Falcon software helps identify and reduce fraud risk by detecting potentially fraudulent PIN-based and signature-based debit transactions. This service has a proven reputation of helping minimize payment card fraud losses and is automatically included free with your debit card.

Falcon Fraud Manager® maintains a 24/7 watch on your account. If suspicious activity is detected on your debit card, you will be contacted by a SHAZAM fraud specialist, calling on behalf of Southeastern Bank, to verify the transaction(s) in question. For high-risk scenarios, activity on your card will be immediately suspended until a SHAZAM fraud specialist can talk to you to determine if the activity is fraudulent or not. If SHAZAM  is unable to reach you, they will leave a message with their contact information.  This process has saved customers thousands of dollars in potential loss.

To ensure we can reach you promptly if fraudulent activity is suspected,  we need to have current contact information at all times, including your primary and secondary phone numbers as well as your mailing address. If your information changes, please contact us immediately. Remember: We will NEVER ask for your debit card or personal identification number (PIN) to verify your identity.

If your card or transaction has been blocked due to suspicious activity, contact  a SHAZAM fraud specialist  at

1.866.508.2693. We strongly recommend storing this number in your phone for easy access.  A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Always alert Southeastern Bank when you plan to travel out of the country.
  • Carry several forms of payment in case your debit card is blocked from fraudulent transactions.

Ready for more features and another layer of protection for your debit card? The Brella™ app, previously known as SHAZAM BOLT$, delivers just what you need!

Access Balance:  Easily access your balance information anytime, anywhere with a few clicks!

Fraud Alert: Brella™ can immediately alert you 24/7 to potentially fraudulent activity for:

  • A debit purchase more than an amount you specify
  • Any card-not-present debit transaction (i.e., phone, internet, mail)
  • Any suspicious or high-risk debit transaction that occurs on your account

Easily Lock and Unlock Your Debit Card:  With the Brella™ app, a quick tap of a button allows you to block or unblock your card, without affecting previous transactions, if your card is stolen, goes missing or you just want to pause it while traveling.  This feature not only provides peace of mind, but also saves you the hassle associated with losing a card. Simply block your card until you find it, then unblock it for instant use. This fast and simple security feature takes fraud safety up a notch.

App Information:  Brella™ is available for smartphones, tablets and any home computer with an internet connection. Download Brella today on the Apple® App Store® or Google Play™ and follow instructions.  Click the buttons at the top of this page to access either App.

Click here to view the Brella User Guide