Personal Budgeting Equals Less Holiday Stress And A Happier New Year

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Personal Budgeting Equals Less Holiday Stress And A Happier New Year

Let’s face it.  As much as we love the holidays – they do come with a fair amount of stress, a lot of which is brought on by financial worries.  But Southeastern Bank has some great budgeting tips to help you enjoy the holiday season with less stress while also prepping you for 2017!

Being deliberate about holiday purchases and your personal budget will keep you from overspending and in control of your financial goals this holiday season and beyond.  Here are a few tips to get you on track:

  • Budgeting is all about planning. Take back the power of your finances with a smart, well-laid plan that includes saving, paying expenses and other spending.
  • Think about WHY and HOW you’re spending. Again, be deliberate about your purchases, and don’t buy just because you “have to.”
  • Ask yourself, “Do I have money for this purchase?” If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to rethink.  Creating excessive debt during the holiday season is a serious bummer come January.
  • Track your spending as you go – after each purchase, make a list of your spending and be sure you’re staying within your budget. This discipline will carry into the New Year and give you a jump start on 2017.
  • Remain diligent and follow the budget plan you made BEFORE you started holiday shopping or any other project.  In other words, you made the plan in a calm state of mind – stick to it.
  • Your budget provides parameters to buy and do the things that matter most to you – without worry or unplanned bills you may struggle to repay. Use it!

This holiday season can be one of your best yet, with less stress and better financial footing.  Make a plan – both you and your pocketbook will be glad you did!  And remember, these tips are not just for the holiday season – they extend into every financial decision every day.  Take them into 2017, and find financial freedom for your family.

Southeastern Bank encourages everyone to strive for solid financial footing; if you have questions about your family’s budget plan, ask us for insight!  It’s important to take control of your financial life/finances; that way, if you need a loan for a larger purchase, a mortgage or your business, you’ll be one step ahead.

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