5 Tips to Financial Fitness

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5 Tips to Financial Fitness

Have you resolved to be less stressed about finances this year?  If so, Southeastern Bank has some great tips to help you say “goodbye” to financial worries and “hello” to financial fitness!

  • Budgeting is ALL about planning. Take back the power of your finances with a smart, well-laid plan that includes:
    • Savings – Save for those larger purchases, unexpected expenditures (i.e. rainy day fund) and retirement.
    • Expenditures – Paying normal recurring expenses, such as your monthly mortgage payment and utilities, and other bills.
  • Think about HOW and WHY you’re spending. Be deliberate about your purchases and don’t buy just because you “have to.”
  • Track your spending as you go: After each purchase, make a list of your spending and be sure you’re staying within your budget. Your budget provides parameters to buy and do the things that matter most to you – without worry or unplanned bills you may struggle to repay.  Use it!
  • Be conscientious about credit card and other debt. Ask yourself, “Do I have money for this purchase?”  If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to rethink.  Creating excessive debt is a serious bummer – avoid if at all possible.
  • Make your mortgage and other payments on time and pay down early when prudent. Doing so can positively impact your credit score, ensuring credit availability at the best rates and terms when you need to borrow again.

Getting your finances under control lets you spend more time enjoying life and less time stressed about funding it.  Questions?  Call or stop by your nearest Southeastern Bank branch today; we’re happy to help!

About Us: Southeastern Bank, established in 1888, has a long history of serving its customers and communities. From checking accounts and loans to investments and more, Southeastern Bank has the financial products you need most. Southeastern Bank has 10 locations throughout coastal Georgia and northeast Florida that include Brunswick, Callahan, Darien, Eulonia, Folkston, Hilliard, Kingsland, Nahunta, Richmond Hill and St. Simons Island.